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Next Monthly Club Meeting
March 3, 2016 at 6:30 PM
OKC Police and Fire Dept. Training Center
800 N Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City OK, 73107

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OKC Memorial Marathon 2016

NOTE that the year has changed from last year’s registration - Now 2016 in the URL.
Make a new login and password (last year’s will work, but you’ll need to type it in again) by going to this link: (You may need to copy and paste it into the URL box in your browser).
•Fill out your name, birthday, username, password and check to agree to the waiver. Then type in psc16 in the “Registration Code” box at the bottom. Click Register.
Using the “psc16” code automatically puts you in the Public Safety Communication database. You should see a place to type in your call sign. If you are a spouse/friend and not lic’d but working with the lic’d person, put in that call sign and add “spouse of (call sign)” or “working with (call sign” or something similar, Just be sure to include the call sign so I’ll know who to assign you with. This info could also be put in the medical box if you can’t find a place for it with the call sign.
Then continue to the next part and add your emergency contact info, etc.
When the 'committee preference' menus are presented, we might want just skip by that selection. You can also skip the schedule of availability since we pretty much just do the whole thing. (0600 to about 1500).
•Fill out information – Contact person, yours and contacts phone numbers, address, birthday, etc.
•Enter T-Shirt Size. This year’s T shirts are supposed to be RED
Then you are done!

Volunteers will get an email verification message to confirm their registration and email address.

As much as possible, I’ll try to assign you to where you were last year unless I hear from you that you have another preference. Just let me know.

Another note: The pre-briefs will be held at the OKC Fire Training Center at 820 N Portland. More info on that will follow closer to the Marathon date, Sun. Apr 24.

I’m sending this to last year’s volunteer list and also to club emails, so you might get it twice.

Click here to get the instructions.

Mike Rockey, KE5EQC Public Safety Comm. Chairman
gjnmerock1 at cox dot net

Thanks for volunteering for A Run To Remember
Mike Rockey KE5EQC
Pub Serv. Comm. Chairman

Licensing Classes

We are not offering any licensing classes this year. If you need to study for a Technician, General or Amateur Extra exam, please go to http://new.livestream.com/fbctuttle/amateurhamradio
iPhone users use http://new.livestream.com/fbctuttle. There is an app called LiveStream that you can download for free as well.

Field Day 2015

This year's Field Day was fun! We operated as 2A OK with a GOTA station, operated by KG5FBO and GOTA Coach was Ken Burdick, KB5T. We made 3,032 claimed score. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way with this year's Field Day!

W5PAA 2015 Field Day Results: 2 transmitters + GOTA station
2A Overall Ranking: 123rd place
West Gulf Division Ranking - 2A: 8th place
West Gulf Division Ranking Overall: 38th place
OK State Ranking - 2A: 1st place
OK State Ranking Overall: 6th place

Thank you to all who helped setup, operate, coach, log, teardown and visit our FD site this year!

73, Bobby KF5GTX
W5PAA Field Day Coordinator

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